Redcat Racing Camo TT 1/10 Scale Brushless Electric Trophy Truck
Redcat Racing Camo TT 1/10 Scale Brushless Electric Trophy Truck

Redcat Racing Camo TT 1/10 Scale Brushless Electric Trophy Truck

Fanatical about trophy truck racing?  You'll love the Camo TT 1/10 scale brushless electric trophy truck from Redcat Racing!

Its looks will turn heads for sure, but this is no pretty boy truck.  It's built for dirt, durability, and speed.  The Camo TT features premium construction front to back including a fast 3300kV 540 brushless motor, ball bearings throughout,  tunable suspension, threaded oil shocks, and waterproof on board electronics.

This trophy truck is all factory assembled, including the detailed cockpit with driver and navigator, grippy off-road tires, spare tire, and scale body with all its detailed graphics.

Required accessories:

The Camo TT requires a 7-cell NiMH or 7.4V LiPo battery and compatible charger (not included).  The transmitter also needs AA batteries (not included).


This model measures 23.5in long by 12.1in wide by 8in tall.


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Trophy truck racing is some of the most exciting racing ever invented. Maneuvering an engineering marvel over deadly terrain at ridiculously high speeds, racing against the clock and fellow racers, just to be the absolute best. Are you ready to take on the BAJA desert? Do you dream of entering the trophy truck racing series? If so, the Redcat Racing Camo TT is the vehicle for you.

The Camo TT's high performance chassis features many of the same realistic driving characteristics of full sized trophy trucks. The Camo TT features a solid rear axle with 4-link rear suspension and independent front suspension, for that real trophy truck experience.

The large off-road tires are incredibly aggressive and are able the grab traction from the toughest terrains. The TT may surprise you with how well it handles at high speeds, after all, the Camo TT was designed to go fast! The rear sway bar allows this purpose built trophy truck to sweep through corners just as easily as it flies over jumps and bumps. The Camo TT is NOT your average truck!

The Camo TT is factory assembled, but you must supply the required batteries and charger. The Camo TT uses a 7-cell NiMH battery or a 2S LIPO battery (no battery included) and compatible charger.  You must use a LiPo charger with a LiPo battery and an NiMh charger with an NiMh battery.  The 2.4GHz transmitter requires AA batteries (not included).

Designed to be an all around great performer, the CAMO TT is also a stunning display piece while not in use. It's scale body, rear roll cage, spare tire, and detailed cockpit, with scale driver and navigator, make the CAMO TT look as realistic as it drives. Throw it in the dirt or display it on a shelf. The CAMO TT looks great anywhere. Additional details, like the scale offroad tires, scale racing rims, open bed, and highly detailed body trim and graphics, round off the TT's aggressive look.

Get you CAMO TT today and see what trophy truck racing is all about!

• Rear roll cage with spare tire, True to scale trophy truck chassis, Realistic cock pit, Independent front suspension, Solid rear axle, 4-Link rear suspension, Threaded oil filled shocks, Ball bearings throughout.

• Tunable suspension, Adjustable ride height, Tunable shocks, Tunable gear differential, Adjustable front camber, Adjustable toe angle, Selectable shock positions.

• Rear sway bar, Super fast, Great handling, Realistic looking offroad tires, Unique high performance chassis design.

• 3300KV RC540 Brushless Motor, Waterproof 60A ESC (2s-3s LIPO ready), Waterproof high torque steering servo, 2.4GHz radio system.

• Assembled & Almost Ready to Run - Requires 7-cell NiMH battery or 2S LIPO battery & Charger (not included) - Transmitter requires AA batteries (not included)

The Camo TT is covered by a limited 90 day warranty from the manufacturer.  We are an authorized dealer for Redcat Racing, so the warranty is valid when you purchase from our store.

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